KSP Controller

So I decided to start putting my Arduino to good (?) use. I’ve gotten some LEDs, an LCD panel, and a number of switches and buttons. So far, I have KSPSerialIO talking to my Arduino, and lighting up t

Postal Services FTW!

Amazon said it was on time to be delivered May 30th. Came today! Thank you, Japan Post, USPS, and even US customs (for not holding it in NY). Going to wait till tonight to start working on it. I think

Testing the Waters

After seeing posts by several people in my Google+ circles, I finally decided to dip my toes into the potentially devastating hobby subculture of Gunpla. Based on helpful posts and some personal resea

New site building tool

Getting the feel for Hexo, the tool I’m now using to build my site. I decided that as easy as using github’s Jekyll was, I like the more substantial control I have using local tools. I even set up a b