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New Skyclimbers footage

New gameplay footage

Paratope released new gameplay footage tonight.

Rokkuhito exploration… Good ambient sound and wildlife. Usual caveat that these are downsampled screencaps of a 4K video showing unedited exploration and combat (you can even see some of the camera glitches as it dips below the ground).

Some light exploration

Camera is a little jumpy and jerky for my taste, but we’ve been assured that the stability of the camera will be customizable (and if not, I know there were a lot of complaints about the motion during the premiere).

Combat [~4:20]

Looking good! Especially for a pre-alpha build. A bit like hacking at ankles, as a goodly portion of the Rekktor was out of frame. But not out of line for most games where a human fights a larger creature hand-to-hand. I’m hoping there will also be more varied attack and dodge animations.

Combat 1

Combat 2

Combat 3